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Rules & Regulations

  • Students of the School are not allowed to bring in any unauthorized objects, which shall include any cosmetics, CDs (unless duly asked for to be brought in by any teachers/principal in writing), story books, magazines, pornographic material, any material containig explicitly adult themes/content unsuitable for students/persons aged less than 18 years,fancy watches
  • The guardians and students are directed and/or bound to follow the rules and regulations currently in force.
  • All students are required to go through the contents of all Notice Board affixed at various points within the campus, and are also required to act on such notice/s, if any proactive actions are required on the part of the teachers/students/gaurdians.
  • No guardian will be allowed to enter the School premises after the commencement of School hour. Guardian shall be allowed to enter the School premises, for any official business, at least 30 minutes later.
  • No guardians and/or the students would be allowed to loiter within the School premises during regular school hours. Students would be allowed to play and/or loiter only during recess, and barring such hours, if any student is found loitering, penal measures may be initiated against her.
  • All students are required to speak English during school hours and beyond. Any student found speaking in any language other than English, strict action will be taken
  • Students are allowed to converse in vernacular language only during their language classes, and not beyond that.
  • All students must come to the school with all her required books, exercise books, and other paraphernalia and no student shall be allowed to borrow from their fellow students, any implements and /or books, which were required of such students to be brought to School. All students are required to bring their own food/tiffin/snacks, which should be light and non-sticky, and no parents/guardians are allowed to bring such food-stuff for their wards during the school hours and make an attempt to deposit them either at the School office or with the gate- keeper in order to deliver the same to their wards concerned. Guardians are strictly prohibited from entering the school premises during the lunch recess. Students wear a school uniform. To ensure uniformity, all order must be placed with the same tailor.
  • All students are required to come to school with neatly pleated dress, shoe polished, nails duly cut, and hair knit tightly. Minimalism is the hallmark of our school dress, and students are not allowed to wear any make- up, gold ornaments, silver ornaments, and imitation jewelleries and the like. Students are strictly debarred from using mobile phones, iPods, transistors, cameras, and any other electronic items of any variety for any reason whatsoever. No exceptions and/or allowance/s can be made in this regard, which please note.
  • Students are required to come to School by completing all their home works.
  • Students are required to be polite, obedient, and diligent, both within and outside the school campus.
  • It is expected that the students of this school will behave properly outside the school campus as well, thereby, glorifying the image of the school in front of all and sundry.
  • It is mandatory for all students to participate in orientation programmes , symposia, seminars, discussions, debates, elocution, and other school functions and celebrations, should such programmes are organized by the School authorities, and for such participation, students may be required to stay longer hours in our school. Intimation of the requirement to stay longer hours than usual shall be notified either in the school Notice Board and/or through individual circulars, at least two working days prior to such requirement and the guardians are requested to make adequate arrangements for taking their wards away from school as or when such programme gets over. It would be also pertinent to mention that the School authorities may organize orientation programmes for the guardians as well and it is expected that the guardians shall turn out in large number if such an effort is made by the School. This is necessary because for a child’s future growth, the co-operation of the guardians is absolutely necessary.
  • Students would not be ordinarily granted leave. Save and except only on account of illness, and the news of such illness, accompanied by original medical certificate issued by a competent medical practitioner, with his/her registration number duly displayed in such certificate would be sufficient proof of illness and photocopy/ i.e. of all such records are to be submitted along with a forwarding letter written by parents and guardians.
  • It is mandatory that student should attend at least 85% of the classes of a particular academic year, in addition to attending at least 90% of the class tests held throughout the year, to make herself eligible for sitting in the final term-end examination.
  • The pass mark of the test shall be 45% of the total marks to be allocated for such examination.
  • A student will not be allowed to repeat a particular class for more than two consecutive academic years. If a student fails for the second time, the said student would be handed over a transfer certificate. It needs to be further noted, that no student would be allowed more than two such repetitions during her School life.
  • Half day leave would not be ordinarily granted to any student, save and except on some exceptional circumstances, and such grant of half day’s leave shall be at the sole discretion of the management of the school. The guardian of the students seeking half days leave shall have to intimate the school authorities in writing, at least at the beginning of the school hour and upon receipt of such intimation, the authorities may grant half days leave subject to its discretion. Emergency cases, such as major accident of the kin of the student, death and /or illness at the residence of such student, would be treated as an exceptional circumstance, and only on such cases, leave would be granted to students.
  • Guardians willing to speak to a particular teacher of our school would be required to fill in a requisition slip, which shall be available at the school office or at the reception counter either during the morning hours or just after the school gets over, if, pursuant to the filling up the requisition slip, the concerned teacher is available on that very day, such meeting shall take place at the designated area, but if, for some reason, such teacher is unable to meet that day, the date of meeting would be conveyed in writing to the guardian concerned, and a copy of such date and timing would also be conveyed to such teacher, so that such meeting is facilitated.
  • Guardians may be asked to donate or arrange for funds for charities and /or special programmes to be organized by the School from time to time.
  • The Principal shall be available for consultation and /or hearing of any complaints, between 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. on working days and for which no prior appointment is needed.
  • Students once admitted are not allowed to take private tuition from any of the teaching and non- teaching staff of this school. If, in the opinion of the School authority, a student is found to be weak in some subject/s, she may be subject to attendance of special classes which the school authorities will arrange from time to time, and such classes may be held after school hours. In such cases, students shall be required to stay back and attend such classes. Students requiring attendance in such special classes would be intimated of the need and modalities of the same either through a letter or through a notice pasted in the School Notice Board/s. Any student found taking tuition from any of the staff of our School, will be severely penalized which may even extend to rustication from School.
  • Guardians are requested to cooperate with the teachers in all respect and also maintain the decorum of the school. Parents/guardians are requested to meet the school authority with a positive frame of mind, and shall not use any insulting and /or derogatory and/or abusive language while interacting with them. The parents/guardians form a part of the process of mutual cooperation through which the future of their wards are shaped , and ,hence such cooperation through which the future of their wards are shaped, and, hence such cooperation is essential for their child’s growth. The parents/guardians are directed to come to school in a decent formal dress, if they wish to enter the school premises, and none would be allowed to enter the school premises in their casual wear. Smoking, chewing of paan, tobacco, entering the school premises with smell of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Guardians, if called to meet with teacher/ student counselor/ principal of the school, shall have to abide by such request, and if such guardians, without valid reason fails to meet the teacher/student counselor/ principal as the case may be, within a fortnight from the date of the issuance of such request, please note that under such circumstances their ward/s shall not be allowed to enter the School campus beyond a period of a fortnight from the receipt of such notice. In such cases, the School authorities will not be responsible in any manner as regard their wards after a lapse of a period of a fortnight from the date of receipt of such notice.
  • Oral correspondence/s in any manner will not be entertained, communication with the school authorities shall only be in writing and such correspondence/s shall always be addressed to the “The Principal/ St. Joseph’s High School” in case of any dispute/complaints/dissatisfaction/consultation/interaction with any authorities of the School, the Principal/ in-charge of the primary section is the competent authority of whom the parent/guardian is required to interact. It s also made clear that in case of requirement of any consultation relating to any matter concerning the student of our School, the school authority will only interact with the parent/guardian, as defined herein, of the student, and not anyone else.
  • Any students found to have forged the signature of their parents, will be summarily issued a transfer certificate.
  • Students would be punished for indiscipline, misdemeanor, misbehavior, for telling lies, acting on the sly, not bringing to School the materials and the like which, in the opinion of the School, might be beneficial for the greater growth of the child, and if such punishments are inflicted, then the guardians shall not be allowed to raise any protest.



  • All monthly fees are to be paid in advance within the fifteenth day of each English calendar month, failing which your ward may not be permitted to attend classes.
  • All session fees and other charges shall have to be paid for and cleared at the beginning of each academic year, and the dates for making such payment shall be notified in the School Notice Board/school diary/fee book. Failure to clear such dues may entail your ward not being allowed to attend classes, which please note.
  • The school reserves the right to increase the fees at any time of the scholastic year , should it be deemed necessary.
  • 7% annual increase in the fees is normal.


  • Notwithstanding the express penal measures as stated herein before, a student may be subjected to the following punishments for contravention for any one and/or more and/ or all of the rules and regulation as stated herein before:-
  • Suspension from attending classes, and during such period of suspension if a test is held, no credits will be given for such tests, while making final assessment.
  • Calling of guardian, and till such time the guardian comes to meet, the student whose guardian has been called for will not be allowed to attend classes, and it shall have all necessary implications as stated herein before.
  • Issuance of transfer certificate from our School.
  • An hour of work on Saturday. (Picking up papers, cleaning the garden etc).
  • A student may be subjected to counseling session, should she commit any offence which requires such counseling.



  • Complaints, if any, may be stated in writing on a A4 size paper, duly addressed to “The Principal, St. Joseph’s High School, P.O Matigara- 734010, and dropped in the Drop Box to be specially kept for such purpose. Such compliant shall contain, inter alia, the signature of the complainant, the name of he/her ward, the roll no., the class where she is studying, and the specific charges/reasons for grievance against any staff/facilities of our School. Such drop box shall be opened only by the Principal of our School, and content of such letters of complaints shall be kept fully confidential. Upon reading the contents of such letters, necessary steps, if tenable and necessary, will be initiated by the management of our School.
  • Complaints may be directly referred to the principal in writing, seeking redress, against any staff of our school. This process may also be applied to prefer an appeal against any decision and/or any action taken against any student by any staff of our school, and also by any staff of our school against any action within the school premises by any student and/or guardian of the school. However, in such case, efforts would be made to hear the accused and the complaint also, and if found guilty, the staff of the school would be penalized pursuant to the provisions of the service rules.
  • Loss of working days due to Bandhs, strikes etc. will be made up on the following Saturdays.



  • Barring issuance of a transfer certificate on account of any of the grounds as stated hereinbefore, a transfer certificate may be issued to a student, during any time of the year, if such a transfer is sought for by the guardians in writing, and such transfer certificate would be issued, subject to clearance of all necessary fees, within seven working days from the date of clearance of such fees post filing of the application seeking transfer certificate.
  • A transfer certificate may be issued to students who are regular defaulters in payment of fees, and/or are regular absentees in a particular academic year. Failure to make payment in time will be considered as default, and continuous absence for over 40 working days within the same academic year, either continuously or in phases, would be considered to be habitual absentees, unfit for attending a regular school.
  • A student who has been issued a transfer certificate once will not be re- admitted under any circumstances.


  • In case any of the entries made in the application form needs to be changed/altered at any subsequent date any one of the parents shall have to write a letter addressed to “The Principal, St. Joseph’s School” stating inter alia, existing entry and the changes to be made thereon, and all such communication must be duly signed by the parents/ guardians.
    Please note that all subsequent changes in the entries made in the application form must be done immediately from the time such changes are physically effected.No change will be allowed at later stage.



  • Parents are informed that occasional reports from the Teachers are sent through the Diary. They should check the Diary EVERYDAY.
  • The School discourages private tuition. The principal should be consulted before engaging private tutors.
  • Parents are requested to see their ward is regular and punctual in attendance.
  • In case of higher classes, parents should see that their children devote sufficient time and create suitable environment for study at home.
  • Students must wear school uniform. To ensure uniformity, all orders must be placed with the school tailors. No jewellery is allowed.

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