" Be FAITHFUL and make use of all opportunites of advancing in VIRTUE


Although Mother Marie Therese's aim and objective of education were formulated in the 19th century, so farseeing was she that the goal of our education today are in essence the same as those of or Foundress. She was deeply commited to the education primarily of Catholic girls and the liberation of the under privileged from their sufferings and social evils.

As Daughter of the Cross, the 'Cross of Christ' the sign of peace and love, the centre of Mother Marie Therere Haze's life from which she drew her strength and inspiration urges us, her daughters to be educators in joy and hope. With Christ, we desire to bring about the liberation of every person, especially yhe weak, the poor, the handicapped, the depressed and the rejects of the Society.

In and through our service to them and to women we work for dignity of womanhood, striving to serve women by entering into their suffering and working to free them from evil that may keep them from begin fully human, fully alive as women today.

Our common vision that binds our school community keeps us at the service of the church and the Nation, while we work for the good of our students and always keep in mind a concern for the suffereings of humanity. The School has been instrumental in bringing about the liberation of the less priviledged people, especially the weak, the poor, the handicapped, the depressed and the rejects of the society.

The motto of the school, "Success Crowns Effort", burns brightly in the heart of every student as she leaves the school to go into the world and become a successful woman and above all, a good citizen.

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